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OperaOpera 5.0
OperaName :
5.0Opera version
UbuntuUbuntu Linux distribution
U Security values:
  • N for no security
  • U for strong security
  • I for weak security
Windows NT 6.1Operating System:
icon Windows 7
esLanguage Tag, indicates the language for which the client had been localized (e.g. menus and buttons in the user interface)
es = SpanishSpanish
rv: CVS Branch Tag
The version of Gecko being used in the browser
Gecko Gecko engine inside
20101203 Build Date:
the date the browser was built
FirefoxOpera pretends to be Firefox
3.6.13Firefox version
First visit: 2011.02.19 02:37
Last visit:2022.03.06 06:23

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